RE/Search Conversations

RE/Search Conversations features interviews with artists, musicians, writers and countercultural figures. Hosted by V. Vale of RE/Search Publications.

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    22: Carolee Schneemann

    Artist Carolee Schneemann's evocative performance and body art began in the early 1960s and remains iconic and relevant to this day. We visited Carolee in upstate New York at her family's "historic" digs where she lives with her cats and continues her work.

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    21: Wolf Eyes

    Wolf Eyes was in town and visited the RE/Search office to talk to us about their eclectic and long-standing musical collaboration.

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    19: Sumeet Banerji and Jerry Connolly

    Vale interviews Sumeet Banerji and Jerry Connolly. The three talk about Sumeet’s novel “Ice Party,” physical versus digital design processes, live music’s power, evocative odors, the insidiousness of marketing, curated everything, anathema words, and emoji conversations.

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    20: Peter Sempel

    All the way from Hamburg, the experimental documentary filmmaker Peter Sempel stops in for this episode to discuss his process of filmmaking, the longevity of punk, how Jonas Mekas helped kickstart Sempel’s career, his newest project, and favorite animals. Originally recorded as a TV episode of The Counterculture Hour.

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    17: Robert Conway

    Robert Conway, who manages the trust of Bruce Conner, talks with RE/Search. The conversation includes Conway's interviews of friends and associates of Conner’s, the defining criteria of an artist and how we all might define ourselves as such, Conner’s inkblot series, and biography as art form.

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    16: Tyler Hubby

    Tyler Hubby's film "Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present" is now out and making the rounds. Tyler visited the RE/Search office and filled us in on that and more.

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    15: Mike Watt

    Bassist Mike Watt (the Minutemen, Iggy Pop Stooges Band, and more) visits RE/Search headquarters. The conversation involves Watt's musical childhood and his career as a musician, including anecdotes about gigs, stolen basses, and punk philosophies.

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    14: Dirk Dirksen - Part 2 of 2

    Mabuhay impresario Dirk Dirksen goes deeper into the types of performance art, including comedic acts, that were "allowed" to play at the Mabuhay. Part 2 of 2. (Interview from 2004, two years before Dirk died, Nov 20, 2006.)

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    13: Dirk Dirksen - Part 1 of 2

    Dirk Dirksen was the entrepreneur and impresario of Mabuhay Gardens Punk Club in San Francisco. Here he talks about booking the club, the range of performances, and counterculture movements, punk and otherwise. Part 1 of 2.

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